Conference on Languages January 23-27, 2023

Inter/Multiculturalism in a Post Colonial Era: Languages and European Values

Conference Program

Keynote speeches: everyone is invited to attend the keynote speeches without prior registration.

Plenary sessions: We recommend that those who would like to attend the plenary sessions, please send an email with their intention to attend in order to make sure that they receive a spot.

Link zur Online-Konferenz (BBB) Registration is not required for online attendance.

Hochschule Darmstadt- University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Language has the ability to impact and transform while itself being impacted and transformed. It is a core part of the EUt+, and the conference will seek to create dialogue, generate new knowledge and understanding, research, and awareness on language and various themes relating to languages. Especially topics such as intercultural communication, multiculturalism, European values and post colonialism.

European integration and globalization have had extensive impact on the education systems of the EU member states. Tertiary institutions have implemented new study programs, or have even restructured their degrees to align with European integration and values. Methods of teaching and modes of language learning have also developed and have increasingly become ethnically and culturally diverse and focused.

At the same language education and approaches may still reflect European values and positions and may not take language and culture in postcolonial and indigenous countries, groups and areas into consideration. Discourse on languages, learning, teaching and administrative practices may afford valuable insights in the above points.

This event is an interdisciplinary environment that will afford the unique opportunity of persons from all area of tertiary education to share and discuss their experiences, ideas and research relating to language and its interplay with intercultural communication, European values and post colonialism. Participants will have the possibility to forge contacts, network, and facilitate partnerships across the EUt+ campuses.

The EUt+ invites researchers, scholars, representatives of and indigenous persons, practitioners, administrators, and graduate students, to submit abstracts for its first annual conference on languages.