Language course application and admission procedure

You can find the Language Centre programme in the course catalogue (“Vorlesungsverzeichnis”) in my.h-da.

Only students who fulfil the course requirements are admitted to language courses: either by demonstrating their language proficiency level on the basis of a placement test or by passing an appropriate h_da language course (at least grade 4.0). If you apply to take a language course that does not correspond to your current language or placement level, you will not be admitted to the course.

There are no requirements for taking beginners' courses at level A1.1.

Before the course starts, please check in my.h-da whether you have been admitted (My Courses). Only then is it possible to take part.

Missing a lesson within the enrolment period (“Belegfrist”) without a valid excuse may forfeit your admission to the course. If you are on the waiting list (“Warteliste”) for a course, you should come to the course anyway, as the teacher will allocate any free places on the spot.


If your application is rejected, it is usually because you do not meet the requirements for the relevant language course (wrong language level, no placement test). Please contact the main office of the Language Centre or a coordinator for the respective language.


You can take a maximum of two Open Language Programme courses in German as a Foreign Language or English per semester.
In the case of Romance languages, it is not possible to take different levels in the same language or different languages at the same level simultaneously.

The course catalogue contains details (dates, rooms, course content, etc.) of all courses offered at the h_da.


Click here for information on the placement tests for the different languages.


No, not normally. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the main office of the Language Centre.


The results of any previous placement tests remain valid. Passing a language course counts as evidence of your new placement level.


If necessary, you can also deregister from a course within the enrolment period. After the deadline has passed, please contact the main office of the Language Centre.


Register for Open Language Programme exams via the main office  of the Language Centre. The prerequisites: you must have enrolled for the course within the enrolment period and have been admitted to the course.


Questions about language courses

Summer semester courses begin in the first week of lectures and winter semester courses in the second week. Current dates


Detailed course descriptions can be found in the course catalogue in my.h_da. There you will also find details of any text- or coursebooks.


The course room will be announced in the course catalogue at least one week before the course starts. h_da site plan


The target language is also the language of instruction for most h_da Language Centre courses. German or English may also be spoken in the beginners' courses.


Grades are usually made up of written examinations, presentations, oral examinations and active and regular participation in lessons. Information on the grading criteria for the individual statements of attainment (“Leistungsnachweise”) and on the grading scale can be obtained from the coordinators of the respective languages.

The grades are recorded in my.h-da at the end of the semester (Grades and Course Overviews) 


Statements of attainment, formerly called "Scheine", are recorded together with the CPs. Beginners’ courses in a foreign language such as English, as taught in secondary schools, cannot constitute part of a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme. This means that CPs can only be given for language courses above a certain level. Certificate of attendance 

In individual cases, we can issue you with a certificate of attendance for participation in a language course. Regular attendance is a prerequisite for this.

Certificates and recognition

Transfer students can have language courses they have taken at other institutions recognised by the Language Centre. Recognition


Certificate for internationel Studies (ZIS) (German)

"Technical English for Architects” Certificate (German)