Language for staff

The EUt+ language departments and centers have been offering since March 2023 online language courses for employees of EUt+ partner universities . The aim is to promote multilingualism and multiculturalism within the EUt+ community and to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between EUt+ employees.

An upcoming mobility is not a prerequisite; all employees are invitwelcome to participate. Each EUt+ college/university offers its national language(s). In the first pilot phase in the summer semester 2023, one course per language and only  one level was organized. This year, many EUt+ partners are offering two courses due to the high level of interest, including the Darmstadt Language Center (levels A1 and B1). The language program has also been expanded: Irish and Italian are also included this year. In total, over 500 registrations were received for the entire project in 2024, including over 50 from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

Due to its great success, the "language for staff" program is to be continued in the coming years. EUt+ language courses for employees will be offered annually from March to June.

Contact: Dr. Stefanie Morgret
EUt+ Multilingualism Interculturality Office / Language Center of h_da