Examination registration/deregistration

For those on Open Language Programme courses:
You must first pass an exam if you wish to move on to the next level in the following semester (except in English, where two courses at the same level must be passed in order to complete the level and continue to the next level).

You need to register for this examination. But what is the procedure for this?
You register for the exam via the Language Center approx. 4-6 weeks before the examination date, i.e. you do not have to do anything at the beginning of the semester.

Under "Exam registration" (“Prüfungsanmeldung”) in my.h-da My University Portal you can see whether you have successfully registered.

If not, simply contact the Language Center by e-mail.

Those who are admitted to the course will automatically be registered for the exam (summer semester – June / winter semester - December ). If you do not turn up for the examination, the Language Center will simply cancel the registration. This means there are no negative consequences for you.