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Self-study online language courses at h_da (no CPs)

Rosetta Stone

The Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) is now offering all h_da students and staff the opportunity to take free online self-study language courses (no credit points) with Rosetta Stone.

The online language courses are intended exclusively as optional extras and provide an online and self-study opportunity for students to acquire and/or improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in general language situations.

The Rosetta Stone method makes use of the so-called Natural Approach, an immersive foreign language teaching method that is based on promoting natural language acquisition.
The method links together words and images; conversations are conducted with speech recognition software that "listens" and then provides correction and immediate feedback. This allows learners to start speaking immediately. Each lesson therefore offers students the opportunity to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills: each unit concludes with the opportunity to simulate a real conversation.

The program is highly intuitive thanks to its combination of vocabulary, pictures, pronunciation and listening exercises; the computer-based learning opportunities are supplemented by a wide range of mobile applications. 
The Language Centre's online language courses aim to awaken your curiosity in learning other languages – at your own pace and taking your own interests into account. 

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What languages can I learn with Rosetta Stone?