Rucksack mit europäischen Flaggen

Studying abroad


You are a student at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and are interested in spending an exchange semester abroad, getting to know other cultures and educational systems?

Congratulations on making this decision!

If you wish to make your stay even more successful, it is essential that you learn the language of the host country.

The Language Centre therefore advises students to take appropriate language courses before they leave. They can then build on these skills when they arrive in the host country. You can find more information about the individual courses in the sections on the relevant languages.

You can also take a DAAD language test at the h_da Language Centre.


Laura Gill

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You are a student at one of the h_da partner universities and would like to spend a semester at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences?

Congratulations – we’re looking forward to seeing you!

We will be happy to support you in learning German in order to make your stay as successful and productive as possible.


Gabriele Palm

Communication Office: A12, 04.05



Dr. Stefanie Morgret

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