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When you start learning a new language with us, you will automatically be allocated a place at A1 level.

However, if you are not a beginner in the language, you will need to take a placement test (“Einstufungstest”) to help determine the right language course for your language skills.
The placement test indicates the starting level of the course you can take (e.g. placement level B1 in Spanish = Spanish course at level B1).

Please note that at level A1.2 and above, a placement test is compulsory for the first language course that you enrol in.

The Language Center does not issue a certificate documenting your participation in, or the result of, the placement test.

The h_da makes use of the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) for English.

Register for the OOPT in “my.h-da My University Portal”.

Login using your username and password
"Course Overview"
"Language Center"
"Placement Tests"
"English-Oxford Online Placement Test" --> Handle applications

You can also find the placement test by searching for “Placement Test” ("Einstufungstest"). You may first have to delete the default degree programme in the search mask.

Please register only if you are able to take the test within one week of receiving the login data.

After you register, a mail containing all further details will promptly be sent to your university email address.

The test result will be entered in my.h-da. Any results from previous placement tests remain valid.

We issue no certification documenting your participation or result.

Contact: englisch-einstufung@h-da.de