You can apply for the course (although not the examination) via my.h-da My Universtiy Portal within the enrolment period.

An overview of the language courses can be found in the Course Catalog (“Vorlesungsverzeichnis”).

Please note that you can take no more than two Language Center courses (English or German as a foreign language) per semester.

In the case of Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, it is not possible to take courses at different levels simultaneously.

Applied, Admitted, Waiting List or Rejected?

Check your current enrolment status before starting the course. This is shown in my.h-da My University Portal under “My Courses."

"Applied” enrolment status means that you have applied for the course, but that

1. it has not yet been verified whether or not you meet the requirements

2. your placement level is not yet documented, or

3. there are no free places in the course or on the waiting list.

Only if your enrolment status is "admitted" (“zugelassen”) do you have a place in the course.

Students can only be admitted onto a language course if they meet the requirements in the form of an appropriate placement test result or if their language level is documented as sufficient on the basis of having passed an appropriate language course at h_da (exception: there are no prerequisites for taking beginners' courses at A1 level).

Your course admission will lapse if you are absent without a valid excuse on the first day of the course or if you fail to enrol in the Moodle course in time.

Once all the places are taken on the course, a limited number of students will be placed on the waiting list.

Those on the waiting list who meet the course requirements (language level) will potentially be able to join the course in the first session if a place has become available.


If you apply to take a language course that does not correspond to your current language or placement level, you will not be admitted to the course. If you have the "wrong level” (“falsches Niveau”), please contact the main office (“Sekretariat”) of the Language Centre.


You have applied for a language course and were admitted to it but did not attend the lessons. The enrolment status "no show" will be entered here. You can reapply to take the course in the next semester.