General information

Rosetta Stone is a program that allows you to learn a new language independently and flexibly from scratch – or to brush up an existing language.
The purpose of this platform, offered free of charge by the International Office and the Language Centre at h_da, is to promote, develop and improve the language skills of students and staff.
This enables the entire university community to learn foreign languages and thus promotes international communication and interculturality.

The Rosetta Stone method makes use of the “Natural Approach", an immersive foreign-language teaching method that is based on promoting natural language acquisition.
It links together words and images, and conversations are conducted using speech recognition software that "listens" and then provides correction and immediate feedback. This allows learners to start speaking immediately. Each lesson therefore offers students the opportunity to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills: each unit concludes with the opportunity to simulate a real conversation.

The program's combination of vocabulary, pictures, pronunciation and listening exercises is highly intuitive.

You can select any language from the Rosetta Stone catalogue for your personal study. You can use it to supplement the language courses at h_da, consolidate what you have already learnt, prepare more effectively for exams and improve your language skills in ways which are best suited to your needs.

Registration & Licence

Students register via the course catalogue ("Course overview") in my.h-da.de →“Language Centre”
Teaching and other staff register directly in the "QIS Course Overview: →Sprachenzentrum" (acting as: H_DA Employee).

Once you have successfully registered, you will be contacted by e-mail. Write to let us know which language you would like to learn, and at what level (based on your previous knowledge).
The login data for Rosetta Stone is issued on Mondays. 
Then you can get started right away!

Once you have successfully registered on my.h-da.de, you will be contacted by e-mail. The login data for Rosetta Stone is issued on Mondays. Then you can register on the platform and get started right away!

You can register at  login.rosettastone.com.
Enter your h_da e-mail address as the user name and then a password of your choice. 

The licence is valid until 1 April 2024.
After that a new licence can be issued be the language center.

Got to https://totale.rosettastone.com/sign_in and select "Forgot your password?". Enter your h_da e-mail address (case sensitive) and click "Submit".

Use the link sent to you by noreply@rosettastone.com (check your spam folder!) and enter your new password. Save. 

Placement & language level

No prior knowledge is required. You can learn your chosen language from scratch. However, basic knowledge of how to operate a PC is an advantage.

You will have to take a placement test (approx. 30-45 minutes) if you want to learn German, English, French or Spanish.
No placement test is required for all other languages; you will automatically be placed in the "Foundations" level.

The language levels of Rosetta Stone are displayed in units:
Language level A1 = Level 1, or units 1-4
Language level A2 = Level 2-3, or units 5-12
Language level B1 = Level 4-5, or units 13-20

If you find that you have been placed in a level which is too easy or difficult, contact elearning-sprachen@h-da.de to change to a higher/lower level.

Use, languages & learning goals

A total of 24 different languages are offered at different levels of proficiency. These include French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese, as well as Persian and Hindi. 

Any number of languages can be learnt at the same time. 

You can change the language in your profile.  Click on your name at the top right, then go to your profile. Click "Change language". Please note: each time you change your profile, you must log back in to the platform. Your current level is saved each time you use the program: when you return to the selected language, you do not have to start back from the beginning again.

Once you have made your basic settings, you will be asked to define your language goals by taking a 5-minute pre-test (previous knowledge, goals, etc.). 

Yes, you can set your "minutes per day" and "weekly" goals by clicking on "Edit" in "My goals". Once you have set your goals, click on "Save Changes" to return to the learner dashboard.

Regular use – such as twice a week for around 2 hours each time – is recommended In order to achieve good results and perhaps even move up a level within one semester. And the more often you use Rosetta Stone, the faster you will make progress in your new language.

A1 level approx. 20 hours
A2 - B1 level approx. 40 hours
with regular use

Learners are indeed recommended to download the content.  Select the relevant language from the following  list and then choose your current learning level. Each chapter in the course content is preceded by a number showing the unit and lesson in the course.


Where and how can I see my learning time?

On the start page under "My Activity".
Click "Export Report" to get an overview of your progress and learning time.

How can I document my progress? Do I get a certificate?

Once a course level has been completed, the Language Centre can issue a certificate of participation on request, stating the language learnt and including a learning record (learning units and times).

Do I get CPs for learning a language with Rosetta Stone?

No, there are no CPs for Rosetta Stone.

Technical information

To use the platform, you need a stable internet connection, a laptop/PC or tablet and a microphone. The app is recommended when using a smartphone; some of its content can also be used without the Internet.  

The service is provided online and can be used flexibly: at home (on a PC or laptop) or on the move using a smartphone app.